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A Curated Guide to The Nature of Britain

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Explore the UK’s countryside on your doorstep or on holiday. Curated photography, articles and web guides cover The Countryside Code, Geography, Geology, Groups, Organisations, National Parks and much more both nationwide, and in your county or region. Visit the countryside pages

Discover Britain’s spectacular and varied coast with our extensive library of curated articles and related organisations and websites. Learn more about the coastline near you in our regional coast guide. Visit the coast pages

Learn more about Britain’s network of rivers and canals. Live news feeds  and articles cover living on the canals and rivers, legislation, biological status, habitats and more. Visit the waterways pages

A curated guide to the best articles, free wildlife id guides, charities and organisations… Britain’s mammals, birds, insects and more are covered along with the latest UK Wildlife News. Visit the wildlife pages

Buttercup Meadow, Bierton, England

The curated guide to the best resources to discover the wild flowers and trees of Britain. Articles and picked links to guides, organisations and conservation charities. Select Trees of Wildflowers.

Check out the outdoor lifestyle pages covering the news and weather, walking, environment and sustainability, travel, holiday, camping… Visit the lifestyle pages

Useful Websites

Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Advisers to the Government on UK conservation issues with information about UK Biodiversity, Protected Sites, Habitats and Species.

Nature Conservancy: Protecting Nature, Preserving Life
The Nature Conservancy protects Earth’s natural resources and beauty. Our conservation efforts are driven by our members.

BBC Earth
Discover and share amazing animal facts, photos and breaking news, and watch exclusive wildlife videos.

Rewilding Britain
We want to make the world a better place by restoring wild nature and building a rewilding movement across Britain.

The Wild Network
On a mission to rewild childhood. Our children need more Wild Time so The Wild Network shares stories to inspire and co-designs solutions , so we can all thrive.

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