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The Mammals of Britain

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The Mammals of Great Britain

Discover the Mammals of Great Britain, with curated news, guides, articles and useful websites


Useful Websites

The Mammal Society
Charity advocating science-led mammal conservation with a great guide to discover British Mammals.

List of mammals of Great Britain
With further linked pages for every species. Includes conservation status and more at Wikipedia.

Woodland Mammals – Woodland Trust
Trees and woods support a whole range of native mammals and some non-natives too, providing a stable habitat and food supplies…

UK Seas – Mammals – MCS
Includes details of British and alien sea mammals at The Marine Conservation Society.

Mammals – RSPB
Find out more about the different mammals that could be living in your garden…

Sea Mammal Research Unit
Research driven by curiosity at St. Andrews University.

Reintroductions – Rewilding Britain
Detailing possible mammal reintroductions in the UK.

Extinct animals of the British Isles
Extensive details with date of last records and information on reintroduction efforts at Wikipedia.

Wales Biodiversity Partnership – Terrestrial Mammals
With details of Action Plans and Biodiversity Forums.

UK mammal projects
PTES funds research into the conservation of UK mammals. Grants are given to conservation research into dormice, hedgehogs, red squirrels…

Mammal monitoring
To help improve our knowledge of the distribution and population trends of some of our commoner mammals…

Mammal Tracker
The quick and easy way to identify and submit records of mammals when out and about…

Types of Mammals

Bats (Chiroptera)

Curated online Bat Guides, Articles and the most Useful Websites including groups and charities.

Discover Bats

Carnivores (Carnivora)

Curated articles, and online guides for each carnivore, useful websites including charities, groups and more.

Discover Carnivores

Insectivores (Insectivora)

Details Insectivores, with curated Guides, Articles and the most Useful Websites.

Discover Insectivores

Rabbits & Hares (Lagomorpha)

Curated Rabbit and Hare Guides, Articles and the most Useful Websites.

Discover Rabbits & Hares

Rodents (Rodentia)

Details rodents including, mice and voles, with curated Guides, Articles and the most Useful Websites.

Discover Rodents

Deer & Boar (Artiodactyla)

Coming soon

Coming soon

Feral Horse (Perrisodactyla)

Coming soon

Coming soon

Seals (Pinnipedia)

Coming soon

Coming soon

Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises (Cetacea)

Coming soon

Coming soon
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Your guide to the natural world, showcasing the wonder and beauty of wildlife.

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Mammal books

Field Guide to the Mammals of Britain and Ireland - WILDGuides

A comprehensive and beautifully designed photographic field guide to all the mammals recorded in the wild in Britain and Ireland in recent times--including marine mammals, bats and introduced species that have bred.

Nature books

Back to Nature: How to Love Life - and Save It

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